Studio Gallery „mezzanin“

Heidi Weber was interested in art und architexture from an early age. Highly creative with a love of art and a strong sense of initiative, she set up her own independent business for interior design in 1957. She worked successfully in all different areas of design.

Heidi Weber:
For Le Corbusier I gladly changed my habit of only serving non-alcoholic beverages. For once Ioffered alcohol and, especially for Le Corbusier, his beloved whisky. It was a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere and Le Corbusier himself was in a splendid mood.

His inscription to me embodies this relaxed atmosphere. To abandon the thought of giving up the realisation of the museum in the light of tremendous problems and huge financial worries, including the risk to lose everything, this inscription also entailed the necessity for me to become a “monster of perseverance”.

Proof of “first drunkenness”
(whisky and white wine in mezzanin)
A “House of Men”
“invented” by Heidi Weber,
(monster of perseverance,
devotion and enthusiasm)
-My friendship for Heidi Weber
Zurich, 25.11.60
her victim
Le Corbusier
Zürich, 24.11.1960

Being a “monster of devotion” was the essential condition for being able to work with a genius like Le Corbusier. A “monster of enthusiasm” also required selflessness.
The enthusiasm for Le Corbusier‘s work enabled me to persevere for so many years until today. I was born with this gigantic willingness to persevere and it was trained in small steps for all these years of my long and healthy life.