Honour violation by Mr. Peter Haerle, Director of Culture
of the City of Zurich

Mr. Peter Haerle (Director of Culture of the City of Zurich), as an official on the occasion of a radio interview with Roger Schawinski on Radio 1 on 12 June 2016, Ms. Heidi Weber, for no reason and reason for dishonorable behavior and other facts that are likely to give her reputation. Damage, accused.

MS Heidi Weber was forced to file criminal charges with the senior prosecutor's office of the canton of Zurich. As Mr Haerle is an official, approval proceedings had to be initiated beforehand. The Supreme Court of the Canton of Zurich refused permission, while-again only in response to Ms. Weber's complaint-the Federal Court granted approval for the criminal investigation after an in-depth examination of the facts. Shortly thereafter, however, the Zurich-Limmat Prosecutor's Office issued a so-called non-takeover order; It considered it unnecessary to carry out further clarifications. Ms. Weber again resisted by complaining to the Supreme Court of the Canton of Zurich. This is with success, as the high court obliged the Crown Prosecution Service to carry out the criminal investigation in full.

On 10 April 2019, after a comprehensive clarification of the facts and the legal situation, the Zurich-Limmat Prosecutor's Office finally indicted Mr Peter Haerle, Director of Culture of the City of Zurich, for a foul reference within the meaning of Article 173 (Ziff). 1 of the Criminal Code and demanded that he be punished for this (see supplement to the email).

This criminal complaint is now pendent with the individual court of Zurich.