As was the case with Savina's sculptures, Le Corbusier wanted me to focus increasingly on the production and sales of his tapestries. The problem was that their themes were no longer in demand. Therefore, he requested that I should do something to help the weaving mills so that they could survive. Le Corbusier felt that their salvation was to be found in the modern themes of his designs so my job was the get orders for the weavers. I loved, and still love, Le Corbusier's creative wool murals, but from the start it was obvious that it would be very difficult to display and sell these large format hangings.

Le Corbusier designed no fewer than 27, which meant that he had created the patterns for the weavers in the form of a collage on paper in a 1:1 format. After more than 55 years, it still gives me great satisfaction that I am able to please people around the world with exhibitions of my collection of Corbusier wall hangings. At that time, I was also the only collector of the tapestries. Le Corbusier called them tapestries for modern nomads, of whom I am one: „murales nomades“.