Das Heidi Weber Museum
Ausstellungen und Aktivitäten

Kuratorin Heidi Weber

1967     The Last Building by Le Corbusier. Inauguration and Opening.
1968     Le Corbusier - Paintings
1968 Chandigarh
1969 Le Corbusier - The Lithographic Work (Permanent Exhibition).
1969  The Political Poster
1969  New Urbanism
1969 Olivetti’s Image.
1969 Children see their Settlement
1969 Human - Building - Environment Bio-climate Test Lab by Dr. H. Luede
1969 R. M. Schindler Exhibition by ETH Zurich
1970 Zurich - Diagnosis and Therapy for a City
1970 Fernand Leger & Ideas for a Colourful City
1970 Architecture as Consumer Good.
1970 Concerned Photography
1971 Constructing for Equality
1971 Environment, Utopia and Reality
1972 Public Transport - An Opportunity for Zurich
1972 Architecture as Consumer Goods
1972 De l’esquisse a l’ceuvre (From Sketch to Masterpiece)
1972 Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut “Self-help Organisation” (Le Corbusier - Community - Workshop/CoCo)
1977 Le Corbusier - The Artist
1977 Zurich discovers Le Corbusier
1977 Le Corbusier - Women
1985 Le Corbusier - Sculptures
1986 The Unknown Le Corbusier
1987 Jubilee Exhibition for the Centenary of a Genius:
Painter - Drawer - Sculptor - Poet - Architect.
1988 Le Corbusier - The Graphic Artist
1990 Le Corbusier - “Muralnomades” Tapestries
1990 Summer Exhibitions. Le Corbusier - The Lithographic Work
2008 Heidi Weber: 50 Years Ambassador for Le Corbusier
1967 The Last Building by Le Corbusier. A movie by J. Gasser and F. M. Mure.
1968 In Search of a better environment
- Jorn Utzon: The Sidney Opera House.
- Yannis Xenakis: Formalisation of musical composition
- Yona Friedmann: Spatial Urban Architecture
- Rudolf Deornach: Biology and Architecture
- George King: Test Arrangement 2000.
- M. N. Sharma: Experiences from Chandigarh.
- Wolfgang Döring: Relief from Planology.
- M.W. Thring: An Engineer’s Contribution to a Creative Society.
1968 Zurich Manifesto. Diskussionsforum
- Do we Live in a Pseudo Democracy?
- Culture or Pseudo Culture?
- Education to Yeasayer
- Do the Unions Represent the Workers?
- Back to Cold War?
- Urban Planning Lowers Rents!
- Human and Sexuality
- Injustice in the Constitutional State
Le Corbusier’s Urbanism.A French Television Movie
1969 UNESCO Colloquium for the Protection of Cultural Goods
Projects for Future City Development. A Slide Show by J. Gasser
- E. Mühlestein: City Planning    
- Th. Sieverts: Planning and Spontaneity in Urbanism
- J. Schlandt: Berlin in Europe
- G.G. Dittrich: Urban Reformation and Private Property
- G. Feuerstein: Mobility - Manipulation
- Urban Planning Lowers Rents
- T. Schmidt and F. K. Mathys: Children’s Outdoor Play
- G.G. Dittrich: Children see their Dwelling Environment
- Th. Schmidt: Turning Point of School Construction
- W. Rhunau: Air-conditioned Cities
- Dr. H. Lueder: Unhealthy Room Climate
1970 Vorlesungen
- K. Pfromm: Does City Planning Replace the City Dweller?
- Chr. J. Häfliger: Who Affects the Visible Environment?
- G. de Vries: Teletrans
- G. Honegger-Lavater: Zurich - A Grey City: A Must?
- C. Price: The Architectural Situation
- K. Hartmann: Living in the Green, Planning in the Blue and “How to                 
      Realize a Human Environment.” Public Actions
- H. Widmer and H. Mattmüller: The School F + F
Projekte und Diskussionen
  Marc Riboud (North Vietnam), Bruno Babey (Palestine), Monica Jacot     
(Emancipation), Willi Spiller
(May 1968, Paris), Will MC Bride, Horst Munzig and Olivero Toscani
Manipulated reality. Discussions with Arno von Roeder, Allen Porter,         
Jacques Rouiller, Manuel Gasser, Lucia Moholy-Nagy, Hans Finsler,
Hugo Loetscher and Walter Benjamin
Musica Negativa. A Performance by John Cage and Earle Brown
Filme von Fotografen
  - Henry Cartier-Bresson: Flagrant delit, California
- Robert Frank: “Pull Me Daisy, “Me and My Brother
- William Klein: Cassius le grand
- P. Ammann and Rene Buri: Braccia si - Uomini no,
Woodstock America, Life and Work of W. Bischof
1970 - 2015 Diverse Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland